A Little Hobby of Mine.

Following on from my love of vintage and reasons for shopping vintage, one of my pet hates is going out to find someone else is wearing the same thing as me. So developed a love for making my own unique outfits so this can never happen.

I am very interested in sewing and have borrowed machines off people in the past to make different garments. But have recently saved enough to purchase one of my own, so it’ll be sew sew sew from now on. I aim to upload pictures of the different garments and outfits that I have made in the past and ideas I have for the future. So stay tuned…


Making a Basic Pillow.

I love recycling things and making personally made items to show off around my house. When someone compliments me on something I have, then I can reply saying, “I actually made that” it’s a really satisfying feeling. Or giving someone a gift, and then after him or her telling you they like it, saying that you actually made it for them, couldn’t be more impressive. So I’m going to be uploading some simple things you can make which creates a big impression.

Check out how easy a simple pillow is to make:

Making a simple Pillow – Flickr