To be honest how could I not write a review of channel E4’s witty yet clever program about a group of misfit rebels who get caught in a freak storm and gain supernatural powers?

Although I am probably Misfits biggest fan, I can say that they haven’t quite made it mainstream. But they did achieve a BAFTA for best drama and a firm spot in the under 30’s advertising market. So Misfits is definitely in its way to making it, big!

On the first series we were introduced to random group of oddballs. Nathan, being my personal favorite, the annoyingly witty Irish. Kelly, the understated chav. Curtis, the failed athlete. Simon, the freak outsider and Alisha the class flirt and spoiled princess. The publics have warmed to all of these characters as they each have their own personal traits which can help the younger generation relate to them. Or we can just laugh at the crazy antics and mischief they get up to.

In the last series we was left with an intense cliffhanger. Nathan dramatically fell to his death leading him to actually realize what his power was, immortality. The audience is left seeing Nathan screaming in his coffin and to await the exciting arrival of series two.

The first episode of series two was brilliant. The intensity of the opening clips of the masked hood-man, which cleverly leads to a comical clip of Kelly being hit in the eye with a paper airplane, genius. After being tipped off by the hood-man that the gang should go to Nathan’s grave it was only a matter of time before Kelly would hear the class clown’s thoughts in his coffin and realize that he wasn’t dead. It didn’t take long for the loved humor of Misfits to come hurling back onto our screens, and I must say that the script is exceeding last year’s wit. With Nathan back on the scene, it’s not hard to recognize that he is the star of the show.

Series two has taken a more sinister approach with more graphic scenes and disturbing images, but I think it works and this new direction has taken this witty program to a whole new level. I am excited to see the filming and cinematography this year as the media industry have rocketed with its accessibility to amazing new technology, so I wonder if Misfits will take full advantage if this.

Series two will be showing us a range of new characters, the constant build between the closeness of the gang, maybe more romance? There is no doubt that the program will continue with its brilliant writing which pushes audiences between disturbing scenes and on point wit. I cannot wait to see more of the cleverly realized characters, and see how they cope with the other people who have been altered by the freak storm.

Howard Overman, we salute you.