Man Like Me.






Man Like Me is a trio of North London cockney singers. Using ska, electro and grime they definitely have a way of making a point. They’ve created cleaver perky songs with quirky raps that delve into modern issues people have to deal with everyday.

Some people have criticized the trio for creating painstaking lyrics. They have been penalized for giving off the impression that their songs will make more of a difference than them actually talking to the world. People have quoted that their first song “Oh My Gosh” caught on like a “very itchy, irritating rash”. If I’m honest I think their songs are brilliant. Not only are they incredibly catchy, but also they are just quality to listen to. The fact that they take a light humorous approach to such deep issues is like a breath of fresh air.

Man Like Me tackles issues like alcohol consumption and the problems that comes with it, “confrontation through the nation” in “Booze”. They tap into the way social networking have reduced face to face contact and relationships with people in their song “Oh My Gosh”, and they express life as a young parent in “Single Dad”.

My personal favorite track is the commercially engaging “London Town” which is an overview of capital’s fast changing rap and R&B styles.

The best description of the trio I have heard has to be “their like that night bus journey with an annoyingly charming pissed-up tosser. At first you’re shooting out poison glares, but by the time you get to your stop you’re best mates”

They have recently been spotted in a John Lewis advert, check it out, its brilliant. They are just so lovable.

If you like witty humor which just so happens to come from a group of 3 cockney lads in a catchy quality tune then give them a listen.