Pop Boutique.

After my two-day vintage-shopping spree in London, I found a little treasure of a shop in Covent Gardens. Pop Boutique is a bargain hunter’s paradise; they have a range of good value retro clothing since 1983. Although the shop is only small, I guarantee you will find something special.

They have vintage clothing at a decent price, which may I add is how all-vintage shops should be. To give you an idea of the prices I purchased a large knitted 100% woolen jumper for £15 and a checkered shirt for £12. I also came across an amazing pair of high-wasted leather trousers for £15 and was devastated when they didn’t have my size. But I was amazed at how low the prices were compared to other London boutiques.

Their collections also include hats, 100% silk scarves for £5, shoes, bags, gloves, jewelry and glasses. And there is no fear as you may try on as many clothes as your heart desires as they have two changing rooms and a bunch of friendly staff.

Alongside their quality handpicked selection of retro clothing, Pop Boutique sell their own unique range of clothing that is made from vintage fabrics for only £15. There is no way that a vintage shopper can be disappointed after a visit to this shop.

This small gem of a shop also includes lots of knick-knacks included retro vinyl, telephones, lampshades and many more. So for all you vintage shoppers and bargain hunters out there I highly recommend this shop.

I shall be uploading my purchases from this shop to give you an idea of the collection this boutique has in store.

Let me know how you get on.

Pop Boutique – 6 Monmouth Street, Covent Gardens.

Open: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 1pm-6pm