Beer Adverts.

I’ve got to say, in my personal opinion that Beer adverts know how to advertise. I am always amused at the next witty competitive advert beer companies are going to create. Perhaps it was because I attended a mixed sixth form at a boy’s school that I enjoy silly male humor, but personally I think most people do, including women, they just hate to admit it.

Ranging from cleverly funny adverts to just absolutely mind-blowing ones, beer adverts have it all. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Guinness “Bring it to life”

[From the agency AMV BBDO in London]

Director Johnny Green recruited an elite team including Oscar-winning set designer Grant Major and Oscar nominated Director of Photography Wally Fisher. Executive Creative Director Paul Brazier and his team have really out done themselves with this advert. The idea, photography, filming and music all give me goose pimples. I absolutely love this advert and think it’s a very unique idea.

Fosters “Good Call”

Created by Adam & Eve the agency have put together two laid back Auzzie lads chilling out in their beach hut giving advice to callers. Its pretty much what beer is about right? Having a beer with your pals chatting away about any old thing, maybe stumbling on a lad conversation needing a bit of manly advice? As clever as it is, it’s a real crowd pleaser not only do you feel like this two ‘blokes’ could be your best buddies with their funny nature, their Australian too!

Check out more of these ads with their own personal website.

Heineken – Who has the better wardrobe?

Well this advert just simply, had me in fits.