This quirky film contains two of my favorite loves in loves in life vintage and food.

I stumbled upon this little film one evening on BBC and thought it was great. Set in the sixties and starring Helena Bonham Carter one of my favorite actresses this film runs through the ups and downs of a suburban boys life from Wolver Hampton using the juicy, tangy sensations of food.

As crazy as it sounds it works, this young boy has to deal with the hardships of family life with his sweetie pie mother, sour father and sickly sweet step mum.

You’ll be laughing and crying at the simple struggles this young boy goes through to impress and bond with his father.

This simple film has a modest way of telling heart aching stories. You’ll find out so much and relate to different characters without even realizing you have.

Helena Bonham Carter plays a great character. Miss Potter a common house cleaner with a few saucy tricks up her sleeve. She may “be common but she aint stupid”. As much as you’ll hate her, you’ll find yourself loving her too. You could say she was the Marmite on the toast.