Reverse Graffiti.

I was absolutely inspired two days ago when I was shown this amazing video about graffiti. But it’s not graffiti, as we know it, it’s a new popular new wave known as ‘Reverse Graffiti’. An extraordinary artist ‘Paul Curtis’ also known as ‘Moose’ creates pieces of artwork using the dirty canvases of cities. He finds huge dirty areas and cleans them into artwork.

You have to check out this video, and see for yourself just how amazing his idea is:

Some of the statements he makes are very inspirational and have definitely stuck in my mind:

“I make pictures by cleaning”

“Drawing in pollution and writing in nature”

“A cold realization that the world is really, really dirty”

Some, as another form of vandalism, could see Paul’s artwork. But what are the authorities going to do to punish this artist? Put him in community service, and tell him to clean up the streets?

The organization uses images from nature to create the artwork. Paul suggests that his artwork in the tunnel could have shown what would have been in place of the tunnel years ago, before the city started to be made, when Mother Nature ruled the world solely. This video opened my eyes; it really puts things into perspective. It truly is amazing.