Shabby Chic Bedroom.

So this summer, I decided to get the overalls on and paintbrushes out and do the whole room, exactly how I want it, no holding back and doing it all by myself.

I went for a shabby chic design to correspond to my love of all things vintage. I decided that I didn’t want to buy lots of new furniture and accessories from commercial shops, as this would be too easy and lots of other people would have the same things as I did. So decided to buy most of the things I needed from second-hand furniture shops and charity shops. Also to save myself some cash and add more personality to my room, I decided to give lots of my old furniture a shabby chic face-lift.

Through many of my post on this blog I go on and on about the wonders of recycling and making your own things instead of buying them brand new from shops. I truly feel that recycling old possessions is not only a great way of saving money but it gives something a more personal feel. I loved the idea that I could show people my new room and could say that I sewed the cushions myself or I painted and aged the furniture myself. Everything becomes more personal; it really is a great feeling of satisfaction.

So my bedroom is pretty much finished now, just a few more little things to tweak. But when I am done I shall take lots of pictures to show you how it turned out. I will also give you a run through of how I achieved my dream shabby chic bedroom, hopefully to inspire you to give ‘DIY’ing your bedroom a go yourself.