Tommy Cooper.

As Christmas has just passed and in light of a new DVD bought for my dad, the whole family was made to sit in front of the TV and watch an older generation comedian known as Tommy Cooper. At first glance a hearty looking fellow wearing a fez wasn’t really a classy first impression, but no longer than 2 minutes into watching his highlights, I was hooked.

The man is an absolute genius. Good old humor can never go wrong in my eyes. What I really loved about his acts was the facts that unlike modern comedians he wasn’t trying to be too complex, he had no need to use swear words or sexual innuendos. But he still had me rolling off the sofa in laughter.

The silly but very clever jokes and tricks that he used were classic and unforgettable. Something I think you should know is something very amusing that my dad told me. Apparently ‘a true story’ that Tommy Cooper himself met the Queen, on their meeting, as he went to shake our beloved Queens hand, he followed with this witty comment:

Tommy: “Do you like football?”

Queen: “Not really”

Tommy: “Well can I have your cup final tickets?”

She took it very lightly, I mean who wouldn’t Tommy had a special quality to make a joke, make people laugh and cause no offense. I personally love his style and can’t wait to watch more.

I would recommend  “The Best of Tommy Cooper” so everybody can experience his silly witty ways.

Click here for some classic Tommy Cooper phrases.

I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Tommy Cooper had in fact passed away, but the reason why I am bringing it up is because of the way that he died. As a true performer he ‘checked out’ were he began, on stage, following a heart attack. I’m taking this opportunity to pay my respects to a (from what I have seen) truly fantastic man.