I think there are two types of people in the world. People who make lists and people who are carefree and can get through life blowing in the wind. I am definitely a list maker. I am a very organized person; some people may even go as far as to say slightly obsessed. So Christmas is the perfect time for me to ‘let loose’ with my organizational skills.

Christmas is that special time of the year to see family and friends, think of your blessing and spread Christmas cheer. Well this is the theory. For most people this particular time of year is full of stress, headache, and heartache and money strain. And boy did I feel that this year, making my list of presents, prices, places, and foods. So I begin to ask myself the question, is it really worth it? Has Christmas, over the years become so overrated we forget what it’s really all about?

As the demand for presents and pressure to top all the presents bought in previous years becomes more apparent, the sight of Christmas spirit is slowing disappearing with the melting winter snow. All that stress, just for one day that feels like it’s over in just one hour. All that remains is that ‘stuffed turkey’ feeling, were you have eaten yourself silly at the end of the Christmas day.

But despite all of this and if I’m honest with myself, I would never trade it in. Maybe it is because secretly I love the busy rush and stress because I am that organized ‘list maker’. Or it could be the beautiful lights put up every year that can leave me mesmerized for hours.

At the end of the day the year wouldn’t be the same without that family feud about the Christmas dinner, the abuse given to my purse or the endless sneezing when the decorations are taken down from the loft. Because at the end of the day all that leads to the happy lit up faces of a present receiver. Amongst the modern stress you can still feel the strong sense of good old-fashioned Christmas love in the air, even if it is amongst the merry mulled wine drinkers and busy shopping rushers.

So I want to say a big well done to all the people who experienced the stress of Christmas this year but want to also hope them and everyone else had a very merry Christmas indeed.

Merry Christmas everybody!