Helping Animals or Captivating Them?

My boyfriend recently took me to a petting zoo for a nice day out. I was really enjoying seeing all the exotic animals and reading about how they have been rescued. I was very impressed and touched to see how different types of animals have been rescued from disgusting circumstances, and were placed in a home where they were looked after and cared for. We came across two lizards that were found in a bin, and it was predicted that the poor things were thrown away by their previous owners, but there were taken in by the charity and given a safe environment to grow.

I completely understand what these heroic organistions are trying to achieve by giving these unfortunate animals another chance. But I came across a couple of things that got me thinking, which lead to me talking to other people about their opinions on the matter of keeping animals in captivity.

As I was walking around I came across a… (as terrible as it is I cant remember its species but the lady working there told me it was part of the deer family) walking around in it cage. As I was watching this little beauty, I couldn’t help but notice the condition it was living in. Around its cage was falling down and broken fences, lack or grass, only one hut for three of them, grubby land, and the cage was small. To me the enviroment it was living in did not look great.

I can understand that perhaps this charity (being a charity) did not have enough money to create a spectacular habitat at that time, and hopefully there are improving. After looking at their site it does appear that they have plans for referbing the petting zoo.

But seeing all of this made me think are zoos such a good idea? I understand that zoos are there to preserve endagered species and so children and people can learn about the different species along with many other reasons. But it does make me sad to think they are cooped up in such small habitats. I got talking to a few elder people about the issue and they told me a story about ‘Guy the Gorilla’. Apparently he was a really famous attraction at London Zoo and a monument statue remains of him in Crystal Palace Park. But an elder friend of mine told me he remembers visiting the gorilla and only remembers the animal sitting in a small room, and to him he believed he looked really fed up and not happy at all to be there. Of course this is only an assumption because we do not know what animals are thinking.

Maybe I am too niave about the whole situation, or I just dont know enough about the issue to have an opinion, but I would love to find out more and read your comments about how you feel about animals being kept in zoos.

Comment welcome…