Vintage Treasures.

A whole vintage outfit including my original Levi checkered shirt and my amazing first world war high-waisted shorts.

The shirt I found in a vintage boutique along Winton high street in Bournemouth called Beau. I wear this shirt tucked in and buttoned up. Or I wear it loose with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of leggings.

The shorts I found in Greenwich market, and they were an amazing find. I was told by the previous owner that they were originally made in the first world war, but the zip and fasten had been altered so they were secure and would last longer. If that’s not vintage then I don’t know what is.

I was given this little beauty as a Christmas present and was absolutely over the moon when I received it.

An original Hermes belt, for free. The smile on my face that Christmas lasted me the whole year.

I wear this belt with everything, I wear mostly high-waisted garments so this belt was a god send.

I love to wear this jumper casually in the winter weathers, and it certainly keeps me warm.

It was originally a man’s jumper but now days both sexes are dabbling in each others set clothing, which is good news for us girls now being able to not only borrow of our girl friends or sisters, but now we can borrow of brothers, dads, boyfriends… All you need is a high-waisted belt which can transform any masculine outfit to a feminine one.

I purchased this jumper for a Vintage shop in Covent Gardens called Pop Boutique. At this moment in time this is one of my favourite boutiques as they are VERY responsible with their prices. Something every bargain hunter wants to hear. This jumper cost me £20. Which is amazing considering it is 100% cotton.

As you have probably have gathered by now I love my floral, I feel it gives an immediate vintage feel to your outfit.

I purchased these shorts from a stall in Camden. After a lot of trying on, much to my boyfriends disgust. It was definitely worth it as I got them for £15 after a bit of haggling.

Again, I had these shorts altered as they were too long for me. If you don’t have the tools or are not brave enough to try to alter them yourself, your local dry cleaners, I’m sure will be more than happy to take them up for you.

This top is perfect for a professional look or going out of an evening.

I bought this top from Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair.

I like to sniff out a bargain and don’t want to spend loads on something they have on show. So I found this top amongst lots of other tops in a big trunk full of vintage gear, it took some rummaging but was well worth it. Costing me £12.

I purchased this Vintage Jumpsuit from Clerkenwell Vintage fair.

This outfit is very versatile, you can wear it with tights and a pair of heels and its a lovely going out outfit or team it with a cardigan and some plimsoles and its a day outfit too.

Like may vintage jumpsuits you will find that the shorts are slightly longer than a modern style jumpsuit so you can either keep it like this or adjust it like I have done.

I was very impressed when I saw this ‘recycled’ high-waisted pencil skirt.

I purchased this beauty from the vintage section in Urban Outfitters. And was told that this skirt had been recycled from an old ‘grandad’ jumper, which I thought was pretty cool.

Although this skirt was on the pricey side at £30-£40, I thought it was a unique piece and I was helping the environment. So why not.

These pictures are of my saviour original high-waisted Levi jean shorts, which I may add, I wear all the time.

I bought them off a one-off stall in Camden for only £8, I was in love.

I wear these shorts both in the summer and winter teamed with a pair of leggings, casually and when I go out. My advice would be for everyone to have a handy purchase like these.

This is one of the first vintage items I purchased.

I purchased this cute little jumpsuit from a stall along Camden High Street.

When I bought it the shape was slightly off as the shorts were really long so I took up the hem and shortened the length, now its a perfect little number for skipping around in the summer’s sun.